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It all started by chance when my wife saw an empty rental property for sale on Lyngby hovedgade 9A. At that time I had been expropriated from my business in Søborg.
I had received an amount in compensation, so it didn't take long for me to decide that here was the chance to set up a new shop.
I already knew the goldsmiths in Lyngby, and knew that my jewelery could well be sold here. At that time, I had sold my jewelery wholesale in most of the country, here in Lyngby. Over the years, a lot has happened. I have managed to train an apprentice, received the Artisan Award twice (silver and bronze) designed jewelery for major companies as well as serviced my retail clients both with repairs and new work.

Diamond today award


In 1990 I was nominated in the design competition 'Diamond today award', for a diamond ring in two colors of gold. The design has later developed into several pieces of jewelery in the same category, and sells extremely well even after twenty years. I have also become very well known for the large hand-forged sculptural silver rings with, among other things, opals. I make pretty much everything in jewellery, from rose rings in white gold with over 100 solders, to the simplest silver jewellery.


It's not at all boring going to work every day, it's pure therapy for me, I love the job. I love sitting and tinkering with the many different precious stones and precious metals as well as carrying out the many exciting tasks I get from the customers.
In the autumn I got design protection for a new design in most countries in Europe. The design is called 'The Flower'. The stone in the jewelry, which is spherical, is replaceable. There are approx. ten different colors in different stone types. I expect a lot from this design.

3D smykkefremstilling


Recently, I have also started doing tasks in 3D and print, it is my son Benjamin Solodziuk who is doing these tasks. He has just graduated from KEA (Jewellery, Design, Technology) so he is well versed in drawing the various tasks that must come. He is also the one who takes all the photos of my jewelry, which you can see on my website and Instagram. Here you can continuously follow us going forward. (jewelry design_solodziuk)
The baptismal certificate says 74 years, but I continue for many years now, I can't help it.


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